Women in Leadership at ERGO - Portraits

Use the valuable experience of international role models and shape your own career path!
Get to know the women who are managers at ERGO today - and take a look at a wide range of careers and experiences. They have managed to overcome challenges and successfully shape their careers. Be inspired and use their tips to start your leadership career at ERGO.

Christine Kaaz
Have no fear

Staying true to oneself and supporting employees in their ideas: This is the fundament for Christine Kaaz to overcome the fear of new challenges.

Taking responsibility

Surbhi Goel's journey shows that perseverance pays off - if you follow her advice and act empathetically and build a strong network.

Dare to be different

If you want to be successful, you have to be self-confident and you have to be able to convince others - that's how new doors keep opening for Ilona Mihele.

Facing the future

There is a risk of failing at new challenges: Linda van Dijk has never let that stop her, though - and her success reflects that.

Karin Brandl
Understanding criticism as a motivator

Karin Brandl succeeded in her career because she is passionate about her job and has the ambition to always want to be able to do something new.

Annie Bernays
Active listening

Annie Bernays is convinced: For the best possible outcome, you don't have to know the answer yourself, but you do have to ask the right people and value their opinion.

Making things better

Challenging the status quo and working together to find even better solutions was an important key to success for Erika van Dyck.

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Verena Theuerkauf
Verena Theuerkauf

“My best career decision was to take on a management role early on and to start a family just as early. That way I have enough time for both in my life.”

Dorith Bröcker
Dorith Bröcker

“My motto: Life should be fun and never monotonous – that’s why I like new challenges.”

Heike Wiegmann
Heike Wiegmann

“My motto: act as an entrepreneur in the company and think in terms of solutions, not problems!”

Janna Nguyen
Janna Nguyen

“It makes me happy when I can help my employees grow and overcome challenges they might not have felt confident with before.”

Jurate Kucinskiene
Jurate Kucinskiene

“My strengths are finding solutions, cooperating and building teams, taking on responsibilities and seeing the big picture.”

Ulrike Timmer
Ulrike Timmer

“My best career decision: Not deciding between career and family, but choosing to have both.”

Andrea Rohr
Andrea Rohr

“Don’t just get women into positions, but continue to support them once they are there. Look beyond appearances at the quietly achieved success.”

Katerina Nikolaeva
Ekaterina Nikolaeva

“My career at ERGO led me from Russia via Germany to Austria.”

Birgit Biewer
Helena Biewer

“My motto: Great things never come from comfort zones.”

Ursula Clara Deschka

“The will to succeed, a proven track record, and a stable, comprehensive network – three things that are indispensable on the way to a management position, and once you’ve arrived there.”

Cornelia Röskau

“My motto: Never despair; tackle things head-on, and you can solve even the most unpleasant problems.”

Duong Minh Ngoc

“Being a leader does give one the opportunity to help people, and it is up to each leader to use that opportunity wisely.”

Pilar Madre

“I celebrate successes and learn from failures.”

Anja Berner

“My tip for women on their way to leadership positions: It is essential to know and use your own strengths!”