Insurance policies with environmental features

ERGO supports ecology-minded customers by extending its care for the environment into its product range. Our portfolio ranges from insurance cover for renewable energies and eco-rates for car insurance to unit-linked annuity insurance which also take environmental issues into account if desired.

The finite nature of fossil fuels and ever stricter environmental and climate protection standards have given renewable energies a role of key significance in today’s world. ERGO is supplying its expertise to help support technological developments in this field, providing the insurance cover which is vital to the use of these forward-looking sources of energy.

Environmental protection and scarce resources demand a new way of thinking about our traditional energy supply. We support the establishment of renewable energy sources using customised insurance solutions.

Thomas Meyer, Head of Technical Insurance Operations, ERGO
Insurance solutions for a sustainable energy supply

Renewable energies and relevant technologies have steadily gained in importance during the past years - not only in the eyes of consumers, but for companies as well. Corporate customers in Germany can purchase our combined property and business interruption insurance providing extensive cover for photovoltaic systems. Our homeowners’ insurance covers claims under the insured perils – for example fire or storm – to photovoltaic, solar and heat-pump systems used for private purposes.

The photovoltaics market is an area of particular focus for us. ERGO is one of the few insurers to offer an innovative form of extended cover for reduced yields, which covers losses incurred when the energy produced by the system in a year falls short of expectations due to causes such as low levels of solar radiation or faults with components in the system.

Protecting ecological systems

European environmental legislation increasingly requires polluters of flora and fauna, bodies of water or soil to take responsibility for their actions. In case of damage, high reconstruction costs could pose an existential threat for customer’s business. In Germany, ERGO helps customers meet this risk by offering liability cover for environmental damage. Since 2009, cover for environmental damage has become a fixed part of our corporate liability insurance policies.