ERGO as an employer – our employees

Active promotion of our employees, creating scope for getting the work-life balance right and protecting their health enables us to empower diversity within our Company. This potential forms a valuable platform for our success.

Right around the world, about 26.000 people are employees of ERGO Group. It is their beliefs, morals and values which, taken together, form the foundation of our corporate culture, which supports and rewards great performance. In regular surveys, employees tell us about their levels of satisfaction with aspects of their jobs such as working conditions, their line managers or opportunities for personal development.


Creating value by valuing People
Our employees’ wide range of qualifications, experiences and ways of thinking are of great benefit to ERGO. We want to increase our support for this diversity and for our employees’ potential.

Remuneration & benefits

Transparent and fair
At ERGO, we reward our employees for their work in a fair manner that does justice to individual performance. Remuneration is structured transparently; in Germany, for instance, it encompasses a range of supplements and additional special payments.

Creating options

ERGO gives its employees access to flextime models to help them combine their careers with their personal and family lives. We make life easier for employees with family responsibilities by providing part-time working arrangements and childcare.

Promoting development

ERGO has a comprehensive career training programme directed towards continually updating the knowledge and skills base of our employees and sales partners across all hierarchical levels.

Promoting health

Work and health belong together. A holistic HR concept therefore entails promoting the well-being of members of staff and responding to their varied health needs in all phases of life and career.

At a glance

Here you can find a short summary for download of how ERGO supports its own employees and promotes their diversity.

Fact sheet Employees (PDF)