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ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe. Worldwide, the Group is represented in over 30 countries and concentrates on Europe and Asia. ERGO offers a comprehensive spectrum of insurance, provision and services. In its home market of Germany, ERGO ranks among the leading providers across all segments. About 42,000 people work for the Group, either as salaried employees or as registered sales representatives. In 2017, ERGO recorded a total premium income of 19 billion euros and rendered benefits to customers (gross) of 18 billion euros.

German, international, and direct and digital business are bundled in three separate units – ERGO Deutschland AG, ERGO International AG, and ERGO Digital Ventures AG – under the umbrella of ERGO Group AG. Traditional German business is concentrated in ERGO Deutschland AG. ERGO International AG manages the Group’s international business. The third pillar, ERGO Digital Ventures AG, is responsible for all of the Group’s digital and direct activities.

Our customers can choose which form of contact with ERGO suits them best: Meeting with one of our independent sales agents or via phone, mobile or online. Brokers and other partners, too, take care of private and corporate customers. In addition to the sales partnership with the major European bank UniCredit Group in various European countries, our cooperation partners include a large number of well-known banks worldwide.

Munich Re
ERGO is part of Munich Re, one of the leading reinsurers and risk carriers worldwide. The Group’s asset manager and fund provider, MEAG, also manages the investments of ERGO amounting to 133 billion euros.

To insure is to understand
Our mission: To insure is to understand

Our sales agents and employees are guided in their actions by the wishes and needs of our customers. This is why we strive to enter into a dialogue with our customers in a number of different ways.