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Active companion at every stage of life.

Equal partner.

Positive driving force for the future.

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ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe. The Group is represented in around 30 countries worldwide, concentrating on core and growth markets in Europe and Asia. ERGO offers a comprehen-sive range of insurances, pensions, investments and services. In its home market of Germany, ERGO ranks among the leading providers across all segments. In 2021, ERGO received a total premium of 19 billion euros and paid its customers net policy benefits of 17 billion euros.

ERGO at a glance

ERGO at a glance - All figures as at February 2022

ERGO Group AG consolidates four separate units: ERGO Deutschland AG, ERGO International AG, ERGO Digital Ventures AG and ERGO Technology & Services Management.

ERGO Deutschland AG focuses on the company’s German business. ERGO International AG manages the international business within the Group. ERGO Digital Ventures AG is responsible for digital and direct activities. As the fourth pillar, ERGO Technology & Services Management AG increasingly manages the technology activities of the Group.

ERGO Group

Corporate Management


At a glance and in brief: The Board and the Supervisory Board of the ERGO Group.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance stands for the responsible and sustainable value management and controlling of a company. ERGO regards good corporate governance as a fundamental challenge and essential prerequisite to create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Our aspiration – and promise to our customers.
We believe that every individual can shape his or her world for the better with ERGO there to assess, calculate and cover current and future risks. This is the basis of our actions and our relationship with our customers: as an active companion at every stage in life, as an equal partner, and as a positive driving force for the future. Create your world. We manage the risks.

We want to design insurance for our customers as simple, fast and convenient as possible. We therefore seamlessly link our competent advice with modern mobile and online services, thus allowing our customers to decide flexibly how and where to contact us. And because difficult subjects and complex issues are still best discussed in person, expert advice from our salaried and self-employed ERGO advisers, brokers and strong cooperation partners is a key part of our range of services.

We assume responsibility.
We insure people and companies for the future. For us, looking ahead and acting sustainably is a matter of course. We make an active contribution to social projects and, together with Munich Re and partners, seek innovative solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.

We are international.
Over 37,000 people worldwide work as salaried employees or sales agents for ERGO Group. In its home market of Germany, ERGO, with its comprehensive range of products, is one of the top five in the Life, Property and Health segments. About a quater of ERGO’s total premium income is earned abroad. The core markets are in Europe, with a strong presence in Poland, Belgium, Austria, Spain and Greece. Growth markets in the Asian region are primarily India and China.

ERGO – A Munich Re company.
ERGO is part of Munich Re – one of the world’s leading reinsurers and risk carriers. Munich Re stands for exceptional solution-based expertise, consistent risk management, financial stability and client proximity. Munich Re has well over a century of international experience and is a member of the DAX 40 and EURO STOXX 50. MEAG, Munich Re’s asset manager and fund provider, also manages ERGO’s investments, amounting around to 141 billion euros.