Sustainable business practices

A world of change: responsible business practices

In our business, the environment we work in is becoming ever more complex and new risks are arising all the time. Digitalisation changes customer’s expectations and at the same time opens up new ways to approach them. We also face the challenges posed by climate change which already have a tangible impact on our business.

ERGO is ready to meet the challenges of this changing landscape. Our customers and their needs are at the centre of all we do. We will continue to expand our range of products and services that are easily available via digital channels. In addition to our insurance solutions and products taking into account environmental protection, we also provide customers with investment options related to sustainability for their wealth management.

Our customers

Our customers’ needs and requirements govern all we do as a business. We demonstrate our customer orientation with clear communication, easy-to-understand and easily accessible products, a wide range of opportunities for customers to give us their feedback, and top-quality customer advice.

Forward-thinking solutions

For ERGO, sustainability is also reflected in insurance solutions. When we develop new products, doing justice to changing customer needs, accompanying new technologies and protecting the planet come high up on our priority list.

Our investments

Handling capital with care
Sustainability criteria also apply to investments made for the ERGO Group. We take account of our responsibility by prudent and far-sighted investment management supported by a sophisticated controlling system.

Responsible corporate governance
Corporate governance

Values add value
ERGO Group is unconditionally committed to responsible corporate governance. We meet the standards laid down by law as well as own corporate regulations, and adhere to stringent ethical principles.