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Talented newcomers know where they are heading

You finished school with flying colours. Now you want to show what else you can do. A challenging course of training would be just the thing. Perhaps you already have your eye on a particular skilled profession. Or are you still looking? No problem. Take your time to think about which of the traineeships we offer meets your expectations and suits your talents best. Speaking of talent: we aren’t just interested in good grades. We also like the thoughtful way you deal with tasks and inspire us with enthusiasm for your new ideas. And we appreciate the open, sympathetic way in which you approach other people. In short: you are exactly the kind of person we are looking for.

Seize the opportunity – and make things happen at ERGO.



Begin something big:
a course of training at ERGO!

ERGO offers interesting, varied training opportunities in the insurance sector.

Your future is knocking on the door. There are so many possibilities and opportunities waiting to be discovered. Get down to brass tacks: take the initiative and let us know what your career plans are. We are looking for young trainees who want to make a difference and achieve great things. We attach great importance to an exciting course of training that’s also lots of fun. With interesting tasks that you can grow into. We will give you all the support you need. Because team spirit counts – also outside work. And last but not least: you will earn your first salary – payments to employee savings schemes and other special benefits included. Don’t keep your future waiting any longer.

Management Assistant for Insurance and Finance in Sales (m/f)

Management Assistant for Insurance and Finance (m/f)

Management Assistant for Office Management (m/f)

Dual study programme

Dual study programme

A practical short cut on your career path

Training or degree course, that isn’t the question here. With a dual study course, you can combine two apparent opposites: academic theory and intensive practical application. This makes your career prospects twice as good. You have a job right from the start, can put your theoretical knowledge to practical use – and will end up with a degree that will qualify you for challenging tasks all the sooner.

Make a fast move along your career path.

Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics

Dual Study Programme: Bachelor of Arts in Sales

Management Assistant for Insurance and Finance (with integrated Bachelor of Science degree course)

Pupil placements

Pupil placements

Testing the water for your future career

It goes without saying that a good school-leaving qualification opens a lot of doors to you. But where do you want to go? A course of training would be a good idea: you can show what you can do, earn your first pay packet, and lay the foundations for your professional future. But which skilled profession is the right one for you? And which company is most suitable? One question after another.

Test the waters before you decide and join us for a pupil placement. You won’t just be standing around, churning out endless copies, or making coffee. You will experience at first hand what we need and have the chance to show that you are on the ball.


Job Market

In our job market we show you our vacancies in the area of vocational training and dual studies.

Simply select the filter "All Units" in the unit/brand section of the job market and the filter "Vocational Training/Combined professional training & study" in the entry level section.

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