Linda van Dijk

Women in Leadership

“I am responsible for three main areas s at DKV Belgium:

  1. Data science: My unit develops data driven solutions, such as artificial intelligence for claims processing.
  2. Data governance: I liaise with all DKV managers to ensure that staff behaves properly regarding data in the widest sense.
  3. Business analytics: My team supports business units on individual analytical topics, such as monitoring performance or creating evidence to enable data-driven decision making.”

Linda van Dijk

Video portrait

Linda van Dijk, Director Statistics and Business Analytics, joined DKV in Belgium in 2016. She got her first management role in 2009. Looking back on her life and career today, she has an important message, especially for the younger generation: Just do it!

Questions for Linda van Dijk

How did you start your career?

“I started in the Netherlands as a management consultant (for example for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the Healthcare domain). In the next 12 years, I grew from a project member to a programme manager, managing large multicompetence teams. I was internationally seconded to PwC Dubai when I got asked to take up a senior management position at Daman National Health Insurance Company in Abu Dhabi. After a 6 years mission that led to my final position as Director of Intelligence, I was asked to join the sister company, DKV, in Brussels, Belgium. I have worked with the company for about 5 years now.”

What does leadership need in times of a pandemic?

“Being more susceptible for non work related matters; they have an even bigger impact than before the pandemic. E.g. fear, situation at home, health.”

What do you particularly enjoy about leadership?

“Seeing people grow and take on tasks that they did not think possible in their past.”

Which measures would ERGO have to introduce in order to get more women to take on management positions?

“Flexible hours/location; let women take care of their family when it is needed and accept that those times can be within the normal working hours. Also, more home work limits time lost for the 'second job' as caretaker. This btw can also apply to males!”

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