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ERGO. Grow together.

There are countless good reasons to pick ERGO as an employer. Whether you’re at the start or end of your career or somewhere in the middle, we offer varied development opportunities in all departments and at all levels, both in Germany and abroad.
In us, you’ll find an employer who keeps their promises – about pay, perks, compatibility of family and career and advanced training opportunities. If you work for us, you’ll experience a fair and open minded culture where every employee is trusted and valued.
Limitless career opportunities. ERGO currently operates in around 25 European and Asian countries, with over 20 percent and rising of our premium revenues coming from outside Germany. We work very closely with all our foreign subsidiaries, meaning you can pursue a truly global career while still being based in Germany.

Getting started

Joining us made easy

If you find your way to ERGO, we will be delighted to welcome you and hope you will feel at home right away. We will therefore do everything in our power to make your first days with us as pleasant as possible, for example with the following:

  • A personal contact from your team who will be there to help you with any questions
  • An individual induction plan
  • Interesting introductory events

We attach particular importance to integrating you quickly into our teams and offering you a first-rate induction programme. The perfect start – you will become an ERGO specialist in no time!

ERGO Top Employer 2024

Top Employer Germany 2024

The "Top Employer" award is presented annually by the Top Employers Institute. It is only awarded to companies that successfully submit to an extensive auditing process.

The Top Employers Institute has been the global institution for the certification of outstanding employer qualities for over 30 years.

ERGO has been recognized by the Top Employers Institute as one of the most attractive employers in Germany for the second time in a row. This award confirms that we have further developed and improved our standards.

Career & development

We support you on your career path

The time you join ERGO is the right time to start writing your own success story. This is because professional development is a central part of our philosophy: we give all our staff the opportunity to develop, both personally and professionally. Do you want to take on management tasks, make use of your strengths and skills in a different area, or undertake a course of further training that will qualify you to perform different tasks or take you further along your career path? No matter what your goal may be, you can count on our support!

There are plenty of examples: from an integrated degree in business informatics or employment as an application developer to on-the-job training for a certificate in project management – all this is ERGO. You might be a parent who works part-time and from a home office as needed, gradually moves up and then takes on the responsibilities of a group manager at age 50. Or you might start out as an IT coordinator, be promoted to group manager and then to head of department responsible for more than 90 staff at several locations – all this is possible! Just tell us where you want to go. Together we will find the way there. No matter whether you are a trainee or a specialist with years of experience: we will help you achieve your goals. The following graphic describes one of the many options:

ERGO career

#ERGOfaces - People at ERGO

Anna Brockhusen

Anna-Lena Brockhusen

“For me it´s important to change things, but to involve the people in that process. I think transformation only works if we engage the people.”

“My dual study program in business informatics led me to ERGO in 2008. After that, I im-mediately managed various IT projects. I have been in charge of the Transformation Man-agement department for over 3 years.”

Head of Transformation Management
ERGO Technology & Services

  • “I am totally motivated and can pass that on to my team very well. I think quickly and ana-lytically, which allows me to understand and explain many things easily. I also have a good feeling for people and can relate to their different needs.”

  • “I am particularly driven by the entire field of IT. How do we build a modern information technology organisation for the future? How do we create a modern and inspiring atmos-phere in the working world? Personally, I like to focus on change processes. How do I achieve this goal?”

  • “I grow through having a great team on my side. I am inspired to see how things change and move in the right direction.”

Your career in the company or in the field

The back office – where everything comes together

At ERGO, trainees grow with their tasks, students find their vocations, beginners become achievers, and experts discover a whole new world of insurance. And all this happens in our many business units: corporate development, external and internal communications, corporate auditing, marketing, law, accounting/taxes/controlling, finance, HR, general services, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, customer service, business organisation, IT, life, health, composite damage/accident, international operations, and sales.

Field sales – right up close to the client

We offer more than one way to get started in sales: you can join us as a trainee or expert, as an employee or a freelancer, full-time or part-time. There are already 9,000 brokers and agency owners throughout Germany making sure that our clients get the best possible solutions. They also profit from a dense network that provides ongoing support. Best of all: we make sure that our sales experts get the best possible training – so that getting ahead becomes lots of fun!

#ERGOfaces - People at ERGO

Julia Dursch

Julia Dursch

“Listening to each other, giving space for different perspectives and allowing change that’s how a diverse team can grow together.”

“I already focused on actuarial science when I was studying mathematics and have been in the actuarial department at ERGO since 2019. There I deal with complex issues that we solve in interdisciplinary teams.”

Actuary - Life

  • “My attitude is: together we can do anything! Supporting others and receiving support is important to me. Even if it sometimes takes a little longer, you learn a lot on the way to your goal.

    Team spirit, willingness to help, willingness to learn”

  • “Diversity issues, because they concern us all. No matter what role or position we have at ERGO. That's why I find it so exciting to help shape these topics as part of networking and to work with so many different people from different departments.”

  • “I am aware that I cannot know everything and that things are constantly changing. That's why I like to listen to people and try to understand other perspectives. This exchange gives me a lot and makes me grow.”

Remuneration & benefits

What’s in it for you

Your competent support is extremely valuable to us

Every single person who works for us achieves great things every day – in all areas and at all hierarchical levels. In future, you too could help us make sure that our products and services lead the field in terms of quality! We reward your commitment: with a modern, performance-based remuneration system, a company pension scheme that also covers you for invalidity, holiday and Christmas bonuses, travel allowances, anniversary payments for long-term service, and special staff terms for our insurance products.

Balancing career and family life – no problem!

Are career success and family life mutually exclusive? At ERGO, we make sure we provide the conditions for you to reconcile them both. These include:

  • Flexible working hours and conditions
  • Home office options
  • at all major locations: Parent-child offices and childcare services
  • Cooperation with the ‘family service’: Help looking for crèches, nurseries, and daycare facilities

Cooperation with the ‘family service’: Help looking for crèches, nurseries, and daycare facilities Nothing is as precious as time with your family. We make sure you get it – while holding down a varied, fulfilling job.

Stay healthy!

Your health is vitally important to us

We know that health is our most precious possession! This is why we provide plenty of opportunities to make sure you stay fit and feel good. You can also set an example to your colleagues when it comes to physical and mental fitness. The best work is done when everything is in balance!

  • ERGO is sporty. Thousands of staff regularly take part in the sporting activities organised by our company sports groups: aerobics, soccer, Nordic walking, Pilates, spinal exercises, TrophoTraining, qi gong, tai chi, Feldenkrais and much more.

  • Weight Watchers, dietary consulting
  • Work and health go together. This is why ERGO’s idea of a holistic HR concept includes protecting its employees’ well-being and paying attention to their varying health needs in all phases of their lives and careers.

    Read more

Insights into our working world at the Düsseldorf location

Work culture

How we work together

As an employer, we promote agile ways of working, the use and development of new technologies and changed methods to drive the cultural change process in the long term. Support us in the digital transformation. Grow with us: we promote your professional and personal development with tailored training and development programs. Based on our values, we offer a healthy environment and freedom so that you can identify with your work, contribute, develop and flourish. We offer a positive working atmosphere in which individual needs and mutual consideration are paramount. As a Group, we offer security and a wide range of development prospects. Balancing work and family life is possible with us thanks to a variety of working time models. In addition, we offer attractive employer benefits: from flexible working hours to the provision of modern technological equipment, many sports and health offers, financial advantages as well as an attractive salary package and above-average social and health services. Our Düsseldorf location in the center of the city offers you a good infrastructure and short commutes.

New Work

For us, New Work is an attitude that requires personal responsibility and enables flexibility. This includes an attractive working environment as well as the possibility of mobile working. The office is a place where people meet and exchange ideas, work together and with each other, where they can discuss problems over coffee or lunch and find solutions. Modern, digital tools support hybrid collaboration. Mobile working is currently possible for up to 40 percent of monthly working hours (from January 2024 up to 50 percent) and offers the flexibility to organize one's own work in the best possible way.


We are unique.

ERGO isn’t just one of the biggest insurance groups in Germany and Europe. We are unique! This is because the people who work for us are special: listeners, questioners, understanders, and improvers.

We attach the utmost important to diversity; we welcome all people regardless of their gender, age, or origin. After all, we know this is the only way to move forward! ERGO has been active in the field of diversity since 2008. As a member and signatory of the ‘Diversity Charter’, we are committed to creating a working environment that is free of prejudice and characterised by recognition and respect. ERGO also holds the employer signet ‘top4women’ and is passionate about promoting career success for women.

Are you curious? Then take a look at our locations in Germany. Discover where and how we work, see the kind of environment we work in, and find out about the people who make us the strong company we are.

Zertifikat seit 2009 audit berufundfamilie

ERGO Mentoring Teaser
How women shape careers at ERGO

Women make a decisive contribution to the success of our company.  That is why we are proud of our female managers. With the "Women in Leadership" initiative, we offer insights into the life and development paths of women who can already look back on an impressive career today.

Sustainability at ERGO

We take our responsibility seriously!

Our commitment to sustainability is focused on five fields of action. We are constantly developing our activities in the various fields.

Sustainable management
We align our offering with the needs of our customers, support them with sustainable insurance solutions and invest capital sustainably. We aim to reduce CO2 emissions in our portfolios to net zero by 2020.

Environmental and climate protection
Our business operations have been climate-neutral since 2015 because we offset CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided. We aim to reduce emissions to net zero by 2030. In addition, we promote reforestation projects and climate-friendly business ideas.

Appreciation for employees
We promote the individual development of our employees, support them in balancing work and family life, and attach great importance to equal rights and career opportunities for women.

Social commitment
We align our funding priorities to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, support international projects as well as environmental and social causes at our sites, and help people in need.

Responsible corporate governance
We manage our company responsibly and ensure that human and labor rights are respected within the company and by our business partners. Our own Code of Conduct sets out our values and requirements.

Employee figures

Staff numbers Germany by location*             

Back office Employees in
field sales
616 302 918
Dusseldorf 4.342 125 4.467
Hamburg 2.032 93 2.125
2.668 89 2.757
251 23 274
Munich 910 123 1.033
Nuremberg 1.157 430 1.587

*As of 31.03.2023

You can find more employee key figures in the Responsibility section.

Key employee figures

#ERGOfaces - People at ERGO

Hanbing Ma

Hanbing Ma

“No challenge, no growth. No growth, no fun. That’s why I love challenges.”

“I started in corporate development at ERGO in June 2011. I have been dealing with innovation and digitisation topics for over 2 years. ”

Head of Innovation & Digital Transformation
ERGO Digital Ventures

  • “A great curiosity and thirst for knowledge, a can-do and a positive-optimistic attitude.”

  • “For me, it's innovation and digitalisation. That’s why I chose Digital Ventures. Adaptability and innovative strength of an organisation are the most important success factors in competition.”

  • “Above all, new challenges that we are facing together, especially in cross-functional teams. Always with the focus on creating added value for our customers.”

ERGO in the social networks

Inform yourself about current events and job news 

Social networks are gaining more and more attention at ERGO. As an employer, it is important for us to inform you about current career topics. We give you authentic insights into our working world and share news from the company.

Find out about our current activities on our company profiles on LinkedIN and XING. You will find current job offers and exciting news about ERGO as an employer. Or use this platform to network with future colleagues.

Of course you can also find us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

//next magazine

In our magazine //next, we tell you what is currently moving us and give you insights into the company.

Read, for example:

  • Employee portraits and job insights
  • Info on digitalisation & innovation at ERGO
  • Stories about our sports sponsorship

And much more awaits you in the //next magazine.