Erika van Dyck

Women in Leadership

“I am the CEO of D.A.S. Belgium since September 2017. I like to think about my function as the "Chief Empowerment Officer", enabling others to do an excellent job.

The most challenging but also the most exciting aspect of my job is the variety of topics and tasks: internal and external representation, strategic analysis, (financial) reporting, driving the changes in business strategy and internal organization.”

Erika van Dyck

Video portrait

Erika van Dyck has seized the opportunities that she saw. This way, she went from being the CFO's assistant to becoming the company's CEO at D.A.S. Belgium.

Questions for Erika van Dyck

How did you start your career?

“I started with the company in 2003 as assistant of the CFO. We had 25 Mio EUR of written premiums and 100 colleagues versus 125 Mio EUR and 300 colleagues today. Right out of university, I discovered all finance and HR topics, which gave me a very good insight into all departments and business topics. Five years later, my boss retired and I had the opportunity to succeed him in this position. In 2012, I joined the board of directors of D.A.S. Belgium. Another 5 years later, I assumed the CEO position.”

What ist your motto?

“How I choose to look at any situation will greatly affect whether I have the power to change it or make matters worse” (Rosenberg)

What were your three most important (work) events in the past three years?

“While complaining that others did not change their behaviour fast enough, somebody made me understand that I and the entire executive team needed to change first before we could expect others to change.

Losing my temper can have important consequences...

Avoiding painful conversations always leads to conversations that are even more painful. Moreover, if you tackle a painful conversation early and well prepared, it always turns out more positively than you expected.”

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