Duong Ngoc
Women in Leadership

“I am the Chief Risk Officer of ERGO Singapore. As part of the management team of the company, I am responsible for Risk Management, Human Resources & Admin, corporate secretary and governance matters.”

Duong Minh Ngoc

Questions for Duong Minh Ngoc

How did you start your career?

“I come from Vietnam, and after my university study in England, I came to Singapore to work for Allianz. For about 16 years I worked in various functions such as in-house M&A, risk management and investments, and travelling all over Asia for work. Then it was time for a change and I moved to ERGO Singapore in 2017.”

Please complete the sentence: I support my employees/junior staff/colleagues - in difficult situations by ...

“…reaching out and listening to them.”

How does your daily routine look like?

“I wake up around 6am, say my gratitude, then do my qi gong exercise. Then it is time with my three kids - waking them up and getting them ready for school. After they are “deposited" at school, my first shift is over and my second shift (work!) starts. My evening shift starts at 6pm and revolves again around the kids. When they are finally in bed - after lots of storybooks and cuddles, my third shift ends.”

What advice can you give women on their way to management positions?

“Take care of your health - physical and mental. Health comes first; the rest will follow. We usually try our best to meet the demands of both work and family, and somewhere along the way, it's easy to forget our own health. Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise regularly and meditate or do some kind of mindfulness practice.”

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