Ilona Dreska

Women in Leadership

“I am the Head of Finance International at ERGO Group with a direct reporting line to the ERGO Group CFO and dotted line to the ERGO International COO. I am in charge of steering the International CFOs. Areas of responsibility are:

  1. promote quality and professionalism in teams including the Group CFO functions
  2. support the COO International in the development of ERGO International from a financial perspective
  3. facilitate close cooperation within the CFO community and between the international organisation and the Group CFO functions”

Ilona Mihele

Video portrait

Ilona Mihele started her career as an accountant in the banking sector and then took off at ERGO. In the video you can learn more about her path, her attitude and how she has overcome all kinds of challenges along the way and always remember: Dare to be different!

Questions for Ilona Mihele

How did you start your career?

“I started my professional career in Latvia as staff accountant in the banking industry in 1994, then joined an investment company as chief accountant before I switched to the insurance industry in 1999. In 2006, I joined ERGO Latvia and continued my professional career as head of accounting for life and non-life entities.
In 2014, I took on a new role and became the CFO as well as member of the Management Board at ERGO Russia (Moscow) for both life and non-life. After five years, I moved countries again and joined ERGO in Düsseldorf as Head of Finance International at ERGO Group.”

Please complete the sentence: I support my employees/junior staff/colleagues - in difficult situations by ...

“… talking to them, supporting them, sharing with them my own stories when I was in difficult situations and helping them if they ready to accept my support.”

Were there situations or decisions in your life that you regret?

“Never, all situations - even if they were tough - I always remember as a lesson which makes us stronger and more experienced and prepares us for new challenges.”

What advice can you give women on their way to management positions?

“Don’t be afraid to start, dare to be different, proactively manage your own career and present yourself.”

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