Digitisation Conference Day: Gaining momentum together

Digitalisation & innovation, 13.10.2017

Once a year, MunichRe and ERGO jointly hold the Digitisation Conference Day. This year, the Factory in Berlin was chosen as the venue, where we bundled all innovation activities of ERGO in the capital city.

We discussed the basis for encouraging digital innovation – leadership and agile working methods for example. Of course we also intensively discussed the specific projects which are being realised by the Group: The creativity and variety of the examples was enormous - whether it is the Chatbots from India or, the digital insurance platform from Canada.

I was especially impressed by the application “Digital Doctors” of the DKV Seguros. With this, customers have access to a symptom checker that is based on artificial intelligence and have the possibility to communicate with a doctor directly via video phone.

All in all, the event illustrated to me: We as MunichRe Group take innovation and digitisation seriously. We need to continuously work on identifying the proper and relevant topic areas, and to speed up the conception and implementation of solutions.

Read more about the conference day on LinkedIn.

I look very much forward to your comments, questions or suggestions.

Best regards, Mark Klein


Author: Mark Klein

Mark Klein is Chief Digital Officer ERGO Group and Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Digital Ventures AG. Here you find Mark Klein on LinkedIn.

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