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Tim Krismanek is Delivery Manager at ERGO Mobility Solutions

People & stories, 26.02.2019

ERGO Mobility Solutions GmbH has been in existence for two years, pursuing the development of strategic cooperation with the automotive industry and the vehicle trade. Tim Krismanek works there as Delivery Manager.

Tim Krismanek

What exactly is your area of responsibility at ERGO Mobility Solutions?

ERGO Mobility Solutions offers solutions for the mobility business, primarily in the motor vehicle sector. However, other applications revolving around mobility are also to be served. The automotive industry in particular is undergoing a turnaround and is looking for solutions for promising technolo-gies. Of course, insurances are relevant for comprehensive solutions.

Specifically, we are working on an IT platform that will serve as a basis for business in the automotive sector and can react flexibly to market conditions. My task is to integrate the business logic and to bring together the right contacts in order to develop solutions and processes.

Is mobility an attractive area to work in precisely because it is undergoing change?

I am used to being agile and adapting to change from projects. Especially in the field of mobility, the variety of topics is very large. You never know what new topics will be added in the next three weeks. That makes it very exciting.

Briefly outlined: What is your personal career like here at ERGO?

I am a specialist for processes in the financial industry and have previously worked for a manage-ment consultancy where I covered the areas of insurance, banking and capital markets. I started out in the classic way with an apprenticeship as an insurance salesman and then completed a junior management training programme.

Accordingly, I have accompanied many projects that have to do with IT and specialist areas. I then studied economics and am Diplom-Kaufmann. I have already accompanied projects for various insurance companies, banks and stock exchange operators. This benefits me here at ERGO Mobil-ity Solutions.

What does a typical daily routine look like for you?

I often start with a Jour Fixe with colleagues from other areas. Then I have to coordinate many issues, coordinate with other ERGO departments and, of course, write e-mails. In addition, many appointments are on the daily agenda. In some cases, they also work together with sales to win customers and accept customer requests for process designs and IT implementations. Subsequently, these wishes are analysed and their feasibility for the digital future is jointly tested in a team.

What do you need to bring for your job?

I have to find my way around the complex and varied topics at all times. According to this, one should be able to acquire knowledge oneself and to communicate what one has learned to others. In addition, one should know the processes within insurance very well. Mental flexibility is important because you have to adapt to different interlocutors.

What do you like to do outside your work?

I play badminton regularly. That's a good balance. To play tennis I have found through ERGO people for occasional matches. I also like to watch movies and have a large collection. It helps me relax. On weekends I often meet friends and acquaintances, because during the week I hardly make it.

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