Veganuary at ERGO: New year, new resolutions!

Magazine, 11.01.2023

The ERGO Group is starting the new year with a sustainable contribution: ERGO Gourmet, the subsidiary and company catering, is offering around 50 percent vegan meals for employees at all seven administrative locations in Germany in January.

By participating in the #VeganuaryWorkplaceChallenge, ERGO Gourmet aims to reduce CO2 emissions by expanding its plant-based offering and thus also contribute to the sustainable positioning of the Group.

ERGO Gourmet Marcel Kiesel

Marcel Kiesel, Head of Internal Services at ERGO Gourmet and a participant in the Challenge himself, explains: “We see our participation as an important opportunity to start the new year with more awareness for a healthy diet and to focus on sustainability.“

To this end, the company has also expanded its plant-based breakfast and snack offerings with vegan oat muesli, sandwiches, plant-based milk or vegan waffle promotions. Meat and fish dishes are still available during the promotion period. ERGO Gourmet wants to provide inspiration - without imposing on the guests.

Surprise promotions

In addition to the increased range of vegan foods, there will also be surprise promotions digitally and in the company restaurants: for example, the health insurance company BIG direkt gesund, a long-standing cooperation partner of the insurance company in health management, is offering to all ERGO employees free online coaching on the topic of "Plant-based nutrition & co. in everyday life" via the health portal BIGbalance.

ERGO Gourmet Veganuary

Cookbook authors at ERGO

ERGO Gourmet invites two cookbook authors to the ERGO Restaurant in Düsseldorf. They will present the "VegPrep-Prinzip: Vegetarisch-Vegan Vorkochen" and give ERGO employees tips on simple, healthy and tasty nutrition for everyday life at home.

For those employees who have neither the time nor the desire to cook at home, ERGO Gourmet offers homemade "Traiteur products" (lunch dishes in reusable to-go jars). In addition to the promotions, ERGO Gourmet offers recipe ideas and information - for a successful and delicious #VeganuaryWorkplaceChallenge.

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