ERGO Life hands over donations to OroVerde

Magazine, 19.04.2022

The ERGO Group AG subsidiary is supporting the WasserWald project, which Munich Re and ERGO are promoting as part of the "Tackling Climate Change" campaign.

From left to right: Melanie Brosig (Fundraising + Donation Support OroVerde), Martina Schaub (Board of Management OroVerde), Jochen Specht (Management ERGO Life), Rainer Schu (Management ERGO Life)

On 7 March, the two Managing Directors of ERGO Life S.A., Rainer Schu and Jochen Specht, visited OroVerde at its headquarters in Bonn.

As a subsidiary of ERGO Group AG, which supports the WasserWald project together with Munich Re as part of the "Tackling Climate Change" campaign, ERGO Life S.A. has also been supporting the worldwide conservation projects since 2020 with at least 5 euros per ERGO Eco-Rente Chance policy taken out. The two managing directors also brought a cheque for 10,000 euros with them. Board member Martina Schaub and colleague Melissa Brosig accepted the cheque corona-compliant in the OroVerde garden.

"What we like about OroVerde is that the organisation not only promotes rainforest protection per se, but also works closely with the people, communities and civil society on the ground," the two ERGO Life Managing Directors are pleased to say.

Specht explains: "I am convinced that real change towards sustainability can only happen if we all pull together. There are also many opportunities for employees to take action, for example with regard to paper or electricity consumption and also plastic avoidance. We as a company, with our customers, business partners and employees, can win even more fellows for tropical forest protection. We are therefore very pleased to have all our ERGO Life S.A. employees on our side!"

Text: ERGO Life / Ursula Lindenberg


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