Walking challenge – Stepping up for the environment

Magazine, 13.07.2022

Exercise is important for both our physical and our mental health. Studies show that taking as few as 7,000 steps a day can reduce the risk of premature death, which is why DKV has launched a #WalkingChallenge in partnership with the start-up #walk15. The campaign will run from 15 August to 25 September 2022 and registration is open now.

Walking Challenge

DKV has devised a walking challenge especially for company health insurance customers, but it is also open to all ERGO employees, their families, friends and anyone else who would like to join in.

Ursula Clara Deschka, Chair of the Board of Management of ERGO Krankenversicherung AG and Member of the Board of Management of DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG, is the campaign’s patron.

Ursula Clara Deschka

“Exercise is important for both our physical and our mental health. Studies show that taking just 7,000 steps a day can help reduce the risk of premature death. We want to encourage people to pursue that exercise goal, which is why we’ve launched the #walk15 challenge.


The campaign will run from 15 August to 25 September 2022.

Groups of up to 50 people can participate in collecting steps for the environment. 

Reduce carbon emissions and do something for your health

The nice thing about the #walk15 app is that it shows you how many steps you have taken and how many virtual trees you have collected as a result. And you do that by reducing your carbon footprint – by leaving the car at home, for example.

The number of virtual trees collected during this period will then be converted into real trees that #walk15 cooperation partner Earthbanc will plant on a plot of land in Oberwambach in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Earthblanc also tends to the trees, issues an ESG certificate and publishes annual audit reports.

ERGO company doctor Carmen Jux also stresses just how important exercise and sport are. After all, lack of exercise is a significant risk factor for numerous lifestyle diseases, she explains, including diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. Not to mention that regular physical activity reduces stress hormones and has real benefits for mental well-being.

Carmen Jux, ERGO company doctor

“Get out there and start counting your steps. You can also up your effort with various everyday activities – by taking the stairs instead of the lift, for instance, walking to work or the shops every now and then, getting off the bus one stop earlier, or having walk-and-talk meetings rather than sitting. Use walking as a way to boost your physical and mental well-being!”

So, download the app, register and then, from 15 August, get out walking as much as you can.

(Text: Ursula Lindenberg)


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