The Russian customers of ERGO can now consult a doctor online

Insurance & understanding, 09.01.2018

Customers of ERGO Russia can remotely speak with doctors about their health condition and get recommendations.

„Nowadays people don’t just want a guaranteed payment from the insurance companies. They want extra care and attention, especially when this concerns their health. ERGO Russia follows global trends in the insurance market and proposes their clients a special service – online medical consultation. This service makes you feel that your insurance company is concerned about you here and now, but also helps preventing something serious“, says Mikhail Chekhonin, Deputy Chairman of the Board for life insurance.

Sometimes doctor's consultation is necessary regardless of where we are: at home, at work or travelling. Our clients can get help anytime all over the world when needed.

In emergency situations online consultation can even save someone’s life. One doctor told us a story when a woman complained of low back pain, but the described symptoms indicated that this was a case of an acute pyelonephritis. The specialist called an ambulance, which took the patient to the hospital.

The new service is especially popular with parents (we have a function „paediatrician on-call“) and business people, who want to talk about their health on the distance. All the client needs to do is to register on a special website, fill in the contract number and personal information. Then choose the doctor which they want to consult. For connection to a specialist it is necessary to book an appointment using a personal account.

It is expected that more than 5,000 people will take advantage of this service by the end of the summer. In the future it will be even possible to get a consultation of foreign experts

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