Without a wheelchair to the Lomnicky Shield

People & stories, 28.12.2017

ERGO has once again sponsored the mountain climber Zdeněk Pácha, providing a travel insurance for his special project. Zdeněk Pácha helps disabled people to fulfill their dreams.

This time he went to the High Tatras with Martin Mazur and disabled man in a wheelchair Michal Koutny, where they tried to reach the 2,634 meters high Lomnicky peak.

The beginning of the climbing was relatively easy, but later they came to an approximately 15 meters high, almost perpendicular wall. The most critical place where Zdeněk, with Michal on his back, literally crawled to the other side of the rock ledge. They succeeded for the second time and reached the peak after 3 hours.

Zdeněk Pácha: It seems to us like a common mountain climbing, but for a man who is in a wheelchair and never would have been able to reach this place, it is a truly amazing experience.

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