“The ERGO Customer Advisory Council is a cool format!”

Insurance & understanding, 27.11.2017

A few days ago, the second meeting of the 3rd ERGO Customer Advisory Council took place. Volker Heise was chosen as the council’s new spokesman. In the interview, the 47-year old serial entrepreneur from Möhrendorf tells us what his expectations are.

Mr. Heise, why are you involved in the ERGO Customer Advisory Council?

Quite honestly, I think the Customer Advisory Council is a cool format! It’s quite unlike other councils that I know of, which to me seem more like alibi events. The points we introduce are also actu-ally executed. That's a good feeling.

What would you consider to be an outcome of your work on the Customer Advisory Council?

We’re already seeing results now: We see that things we've discussed in the Customer Advisory Council are being put into action. Take the further development of the ERGO customer portal for example.

Of course, ERGO is a group and that's why the implementation often takes longer than I’d personally prefer. But: We get everything we possibly can out of this council. And ERGO puts it into practice!

You are an entrepreneur, facilitate startups, are often on the go – why then, of all things, are you devoting your free time to the ERGO Customer Advisory Board?

I have a passionate interest in the topic of digitisation within the insurance industry. Because I believe there is room for the improvement of products within this sector, such as offers that are individually tailored to me, for example. This can in turn ensure optimal healthcare or coverage for me. There is also room for improvement in terms of the reduction of costs that benefit both the insurer and the customer.

In the meantime, we are working on many smaller topics like the freedom to choose what platform I prefer to use when I want to find out more information about insurance, like WhatsApp, phone etc.

Thank you very much for this interview!

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