Rescuing food with “TooGoodToGo”

Responsibility & dedication, 16.10.2019

ERGO Gourmet cooks about 5,900 meals a day to feed ERGO employees throughout Germany. It is understandable that one or more of the dishes might be left over. This is the reason why ERGO Gourmet has been using the Foodsharing-App „TooGoodToGo“, at all locations since this month, to avoid having to throw away fresh, self-cooked food that may no longer be served the next day.

ERGO Gourmet: Romanasalat mit Wedges

It was the idea of Jacqueline Heim, production manager at ERGO Gourmet in Cologne, to participate in this foodsharing project: “The app permits us to react promptly everyday: If the planned meals are eaten by our ERGO colleagues, then I can easily reduce the amount of meals that I have offered through the app. Sometimes, if there is no food left, I even send a cancellation for the day in question. The users of the app know that a surprise dish awaits them every day.”

The app’s users can inform themselves online on a daily basis about what we have on offer: What is for breakfast or for lunch today – and how much of it is on stock? It is the aim of ERGO Gourmet to give away any remaining portions and thus to avoid wasting food. The community online gives ERGO Gourmet a 5-star rating. The customers are mainly students. The management of ERGO Gourmet says: “It is important that we do not cook additional meals for the project.” The editorial staff at "Versicherungsmonitor" – an online service for the insurance industry - tested ERGO Gourmet’s food undercover and is full of enthusiasm: “Not too salty and not overcooked. And, in addition, at a reasonable price of 3.50 euros per portion.”

The app informs you where you can pick up the food. A short detour through the backyard and the friendly ERGO staff hands over the hot meal. Payment is by Paypal, credit card or immediate transfer, directly in the „TooGoodToGo“.


By Leonie Cremer

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