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ERGO Innovation Scouts at DIA Munich

Digitalization & innovation, 11.12.2019

The DIA (Digital Insurance Agenda) is one of the largest Insurtech festivals in Europe. Start-ups and representatives of insurers from all over the world come together here to learn about new trends, to be inspired, to network and to establish new cooperations. At the end of November our Innovation Scouting team visited the DIA in Munich together with some other ERGO colleagues.

ERGO Innovation Scouts at DIA Munich

50 start-ups took part in the so-called "Show and Tell" sessions and presented their solutions and products live. Besides the sessions, there was enough time for the exchange between insurers and Insurtechs. Innovation Scout Simon Meier sums up one of the most important findings of the event: "It was again emphasized that ten percent of success is the idea, but 90 percent of success depends on the exe-cution of this idea".

Our Innovation Scouts got to know some promising start-ups. The task of the scouts is to search for new, promising innovations and to make a preselection for the diverse specialist areas. In the next step, the selected start-ups are presented to their colleagues and, if they are interested, they get crosslinked by our scouts to discuss the possibilities of a concrete cooperation.

The visit was also worthwhile for the other ERGO colleagues, who were enthusiastic about the In-surtech Festival: "The DIA was a fantastically organised event where we were able to get many updates on the new products on the market", says Gordana Jaric, Group Leader Underwriting Motor. Christoph Garstecki, Manager Digital Sales at ERGO Reiseversicherung, is also fascinated by the spirit of the Insurtech Festival: "The DIA is a firework of ideas on how the insurance world can take the next step digitally with the help of Insurtech start-ups. That makes you want to push new ideas along.“

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