Digital partnership with the state capital Düsseldorf

ERGO is building a kids’ games website for Kunstpalast Museum

Media Information, 04.12.2019

The Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf is the first art museum in Germany to have a website aimed exclusively at children. Youngsters aged between six and 12 can have fun exploring works of art on the website challenges include pretending to be thieves and running away from the museum guards, playing a memory game against the computer, answering quiz questions and a detective challenge to find details in pictures. The aim of the website is to be fun rather than educational – and to encourage more families with children to visit a museum.

The games and website animations were designed and developed by the digital experts at ERGO Digital Ventures and ERGO Digital IT. ERGO is also responsible for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for the children's website, which will launch in 2020. The cooperation is part of the digital partnership between the state capital Düsseldorf and ERGO.

“As the digital partner of the state capital Düsseldorf, we develop a range of digital processes and products. We are delighted to be providing our digital expertise to the Kunstpalast for this fabulous project”, says Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer of ERGO Group AG. “We are proud of the results and look forward to seeing how the young audience responds.”

“We are the first art museum in Germany to offer a digital service like this for children”, says Felix Krämer, Director General of the Kunstpalast. “It opens up new ways of accessing art and allows us to share exciting stories about the artworks in our collection online with children. I am very grateful to ERGO. Without our neighbour’s digital expertise we would not have been able to implement this project.”

“I am thrilled about this digital partnership which offers great benefits to our citizens”, says Mayor Thomas Geisel. “As well as being one of the largest companies in the city, ERGO is also a leading insurer that has set digitalisation as a clear, top-level target and has rolled out a range of digital services. This puts ERGO in an ideal position to support the city.”

ERGO has developed leading solutions in the financial sector that employ voice control, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, mobility and online sales technologies. The Group’s portfolio includes nexible, a pure digital player, and the innovation platform In Düsseldorf, Nuremberg and Berlin, the company operates Digital Factories where employees develop processes and products using agile methods.

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