ERGO expands range of retirement provision products to include children’s policies for long-term asset building

High-yield alternative to classic savings account

Media Information, 21.06.2021

ERGO’s successful ‘Index’ ‘Balance’, ‘Chance’ and ‘Chance Eco-Pension’ pension insurance products are now also available to customers as children’s policies. ERGO is thus responding to the growing demand for high-yield investment options for children and young people for early and long-term asset building. 

ERGO Kidspolice

In times of zero and negative interest rates, traditional forms of saving like the savings account as an investment for children and young people are hardly worthwhile. In addition, the demographic trend makes it difficult for the younger generation to accumulate enough retirement assets with low contributions.

“Starting to invest early helps to keep contributions low for customers in the long term and to allow significantly higher benefits later in life”, explains Michael Fauser, Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Vorsorge Lebensversicherung AG. “Even small contributions are sufficient for this and mean additional financial security for old age, studying or training.”

Flexibility throughout life
ERGO kids’ policies are aimed amongst others at parents and grandparents wanting to build up initial capital for their children or grandchildren (up to 17 years of age) at an early stage, in order to lay the financial basis for their future lives. Customers benefit from the great flexibility of the products, for example with the regular payments of contributions. The minimum monthly contribution is only €25. Furthermore, fund switches can be made up to twelve times a year, free of charge. Withdrawal of funds starting from €500 are possible up to twice a year, while additional payments are possible anytime. Subsequent payouts can be made either as a lump sum, a lifetime annuity or a mixture of the two. It is also possible for the contract to be taken over by the insured child once they reach the age of 18.

The children’s policies in detail:

With the ERGO ‘Balance’ Kids’ Policy, customers can build up assets flexibly without forgoing yield and security. The investment split between investment funds and traditional security assets is made on the basis of the customer’s individual need for security and can be changed at any time. Altogether, there are more than 60 funds offered, of which up to ten can be selected for the personal investment. Annual rebalancing and automatic process management are available as options.

The ERGO ‘Index’ Kids’ Policy offers customers a 100% premium guarantee at the end of the accumulation phase as a guaranteed minimum value. Customers therefore benefit from the stable performance of the exclusive Munich Re World Wide Trend Index or the secure return through classic profit sharing. A combination is also possible.

The ERGO ‘Chance’ Kids’ Policy relies on unit-linked asset building with an excellent selection of investment funds, exclusive services and a high level of flexibility. There is a choice of over 60 funds, of which up to ten can be actively selected for the customer’s own investment and into which deposits can be made at the same time.

The ERGO ‘Chance’ Kids’ Eco-Policy relies on sustainable, flexible, high-yield investment. All of the 31 funds available for selection take account of environmental, social and sustainable governance aspects (ESG criteria), such as climate and environmental protection activities, or efforts to ensure fair pay. The risk carrier is ERGO Life, which has organised its entire business operations to be climate-neutral.

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