Anja Berner

Succeed - Women in Leadership

“As Head of IT Demand Sales / Financial Products / Digitalisation, I am responsible for the interface between business and IT.

Together with my team, I am the first point of contact for all business requirements to be implemented in IT, which we prioritise together with the business in line with our strategy. Subsequently, together with our IT units, we clarify which delivery channel will develop the IT solution.”

Heike Wiegmann

Questions for Heike Wiegmann

How did you start your career?

“After my business studies in Münster, I started my career at ERGO Group in the department "Sales Planning/Projects". I then took on various challenges, including the classic career via group management, department management within the company organisation (1998) and, from 2004, divisional management for customer/sales service. I built this up first for VICTORIA and then for ERGO as a comprehensive service. In addition to these line tasks, I always managed larger projects in parallel. In 2009, I took on the task of merging the IT side of the then BAV and VVV companies in the International Division as a major project manager. In mid-2011, I moved back to sales to advance IT coordination and implement several large-scale projects with the teams. Since 2017, I have been responsible for sales, digitalisation and financial products in the "IT Demand/CIO" department.

What do you think makes a good mentor?

“A good mentor listens, reflects, asks questions to encourage the mentee to reflect! I can only encourage everyone to actively approach colleagues; it's worth it!

Who or what inspired you to aspire to a leadership role and why?

“Inspiration / motivation always comes from within. What was important was my desire to take on responsibility in order to be able to help shape many issues.

What is the best career decision you have ever made?

“After graduation, I had several options to start my career. Personally, I feel that my decision to join the ERGO Group was the best decision in my life. In such a large group, you have a lot of options to develop yourself further if you want to and have the courage to change regularly or take on tasks outside of your responsibility!

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