Successful at ERGO with a modern management approach

Women in Leadership with Verena School

Change & Culture, 29.02.2024

Verena School stands for a modern understanding of leadership at ERGO. She achieves the best results with her employees with a lot of energy, intensive listening and fun.

When a cargo bike whizzes up from behind and a cheerful "Good morning" rings out, it's department head Verena School on her way to the office. Here she is responsible for the training and development of all ERGO colleagues - from trainees to managers. She is supported by five group leaders and 73 people in the entire department - spread across seven locations in Germany.

What is the Düsseldorf native's recipe for success?

"For me, it's 'employees first'. I listen carefully to the people in my department, find individual solutions for a good work-life balance and - very importantly - ask what people enjoy doing". Verena is convinced that her teams achieve the best results when they enjoy their work as much as possible. "This is the only way we can reach our full potential. For me, fun is not the enemy of work.


Verena School joined ERGO in 2011. Her work supports the cultural change at ERGO - and benefits from it. She became a group leader in 2015 and head of department during the coronavirus pandemic. "And that with a small child. I was more than happy that my boss and ERGO trusted me enough to take on this additional responsibility and my family. Ten years ago, this would have been unthinkable. The flexibility that ERGO offers through New Work is a decisive factor. Even if it's not always easy to juggle everything. In her private life, it is spending time with her daughter that allows her to switch off from work. In the office, it is working with her teams, which she has shaped through her leadership: "I encourage them to try new things and see unintended mistakes as valuable learning experiences. I encourage personal responsibility, self-confidence and ideas. I have had good experiences with this modern form of leadership in the context of New Work. By leading by example, I would also like to encourage other managers to use the leeway provided by ERGO's guiding principles. This benefits people and ERGO as a company.

Verena School is very active on LinkedIn and Instagram, where she shows what motivates her. What is the role model for a woman whose leadership style is part of New Work at ERGO? "Pippi Longstocking. Who else?"

ERGO Mentoring Teaser
How women shape careers at ERGO

Women make a decisive contribution to the success of our company.  That is why we are proud of our female managers. With the "Women in Leadership" initiative, we offer insights into the life and development paths of women who can already look back on an impressive career today.

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