A heart for diversity

International Women's Day 2024

Change & Culture, 08.03.2024

For this year's International Women's Day, we invited employees to take part in a photo campaign - and this is the result: we received almost 400 pictures from all over the world. With this, ERGO is sending out a further signal that diversity is lived in the company.

International Women's Day 2024: A heart for diversity 

Employees from India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany sent in their photos with the heart gesture to make a statement about the importance of diversity and empowerment in all areas of our society. The result is this impressive video:

Video IWD  2024 


This year's International Women's Day campaign theme is #InspireInclusion. According to the International Women's Day website: "When we inspire others to understand and value of women’s inclusion, we create a better world. Inclusion plays a crucial role in achieving gender equality." The aim is to break down barriers, overcome stereotypes and create an environment in where all women are valued and respected. 

Initiatives such as mentoring programmes, educational workshops and campaigns play an important role in this. This support could enable women to overcome barriers and realise their full potential. "If we work together to break down barriers and promote diversity, we can create a fairer and more inclusive society for generations to come," it says.

Initiatives at ERGO

There are also various initiatives at ERGO to support women in their professional development: The women@ergo network, the women's mentoring programme and the "Succeed - Women in Leadership" campaign are just a few examples.

For Lena Lindemann, ERGO Group Labour Director, and Oliver Willmes, Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO International, this is the second International Women's Day since they took over the sponsorship of women@ergo.

"For me, promoting talented women is an essential contribution to successful, diverse companies. From women in their first years of work to those who have been in management for many years," says Oliver Willmes. "I am personally convinced that if we embrace diversity, we will all succeed in bringing about social, political and, above all, economic."

Lena Lindemann adds: "Diversity is of course not limited to the issue of women in leadership. There are many other important aspects. Never before have so many different age groups been represented in our workforce at the same time: Four generations work together at ERGO. It is important to us that people with different values, attitudes and experiences come together and contribute their skills to the challenges of tomorrow. This also means diversity and inclusion."

Find out more about diversity and equal opportunities here:

Interview with Lena Lindemann and Oliver Willmes on International Women's Day 2023: "We think it's important to create equal opportunities."


"Women in Leadership" website: 


Official website for International Women's Day 2024: 


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