“Technology doesn't open up via PowerPoint”

ERGO CDO Mark Klein at Philiosoph-Podcast

Digitalisation & Technology, 31.05.2023

Mark Klein, ERGO's Chief Digital Officer, was a guest on “Philosoph – the other insurance podcast. His enthusiasm for virtual reality and the metaverse has already enabled new ways of communicating at ERGO – and in the nearly 50-minute conversation, he was happy to take questions from knowledge-hungry hosts Mathias Harrassowitz and Michael Carl. They want to know: What is driving the developments, where is the added value to previous models, how are the reality boundaries shifting and how can insurers use the metaverse? Have a listen!

ERGO CDO Mark Klein

Meeting in the metaverse instead of video meeting? Even though the technology still has room for improvement and VR glasses are still comparatively expensive, Mark sees incredible potential in virtual reality. He has been the owner of VR glasses himself since 2019 and has brought his enthusiasm into the business. Because he is interested in where the journey is going. Mobile phones were also once misjudged, but today it is impossible to imagine life without them. One thing is clear: if you don't try to use the technology properly now, then when the time comes, you won't be able to catch up.

It will probably take a while before we see VR becoming mainstream in the insurance industry, but the use cases are many: remote working, demonstration of claims, visualisation of insurance products and much more. You can find out more here (in German only):

Philosoph Podcast with Mark Klein

Text: Ingo Schenk

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