German Excellence Award

ERGO impresses the jury twice over

Digitalisation & Technology, 09.04.2024

Renewed recognition for ERGO's innovative strength: as in previous years, our digitalisers were awarded the German Excellence Prize - both for the VR consulting app and for our process mining.

German Excellence Award
Brigitte Zypries (from left to right), Matthias Nawrocki, Luisa-Marie Schmolke, Hanbing Ma, Victor Thoma, Emilia Dang, Mark Lass.

This year's German Excellence Award ceremony took place in Hamburg on Monday evening, this year under the patronage of former Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries. The gala once again brought together managers - both from established companies and start-ups - as well as digital experts and creatives from a wide range of industries. For the sixth time in a row, the initiators were once again looking for "outstanding digital solutions and achievements" that are "digital, innovative, creative" and have proven themselves as "drivers of a new start in business". "As part of the digital transformation process of the German economy, there are numerous great achievements that too often remain hidden," said Brigitte Zypries. These innovations should be recognised and publicised in order to serve as inspiration for other companies. 

ERGO among the award winners with VR innovation and process mining

No sooner said than done: 138 submissions from established companies, start-ups and initiatives went through the application process. After detailed reviews and evaluations, 19 winners were chosen, including the ERGO Group in the "Customer Experience" category with its VR consulting app, which we have already presented on, and in the "Insur-Tech" category with Process Mining.

The VR consulting app is a further building block in ERGO's already successfully established omni-channel strategy: it makes insurance products an immersive experience. What was previously rather abstract can now be presented in a clear, understandable and tangible way. For the first time, customers can immerse themselves virtually in an insurance scenario and receive advice on it in real time. To do this, interested parties use a VR app and headset to meet with an ERGO advisor who guides them through a chosen setting.

Process mining, on the other hand, is a technology that supports ERGO in process control and, in particular, process optimisation. Ultimately, we want to constantly improve and simplify our processes for the benefit of our customers - for example, by reducing the time it takes for a claim to be paid out. This innovative approach can be compared to a torch that illuminates the deepest corners of our processes.

Text: Ingo Schenk

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