eProcurement Platform
eProcurement Platform

The ERGO Group's procurement department works with Coupa, a cloud-based ePro-curement platform (www.coupa.com). All purchasing processes are gradually being han-dled via this platform. The use of Coupa is free of charge for you as an ERGO Group supplier.

ERGO Group is using the following procurement modules: 

Supplier Management

Harmonised procedures for the setup of new suppliers and their regular re-certification. E-mail requests will remind you to update your data.

Online tenders and e-Auctions

Participate online sourcing events to which you will be invited by e-mail from ERGO Group’s Procurement Department.

Contract Management

The module for the creation and management of contracts allows the direct cooperation between procurement and suppliers by using the single source of truth-methodology.

Catalogue Management

Catalogues contain goods and services. Agreed prices with suppliers allow accelerated and standardised processing.

Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

Covers all operative pro-curement activities, from the requisition and order to the goods receipt and In-voice posting including the clarification of any differ-ences.

Advantages for suppliers:
  • Foundation for a long-term business relationship
  • Automated processes reduce costs and effort for the supplier
  • Transparency, as the status can be seen by all parties involved at any time
  • High user friendliness
  • Reduce error rates
  • VAT-compliant invoicing
Technical requirements
  • You need an internet-connected device with an internet browser.
  • Software installation is not required.
  • Please ensure that you can receive emails from the following senders and that they do not end up in your spam folder: @supplier.coupahost.com and @ergo.coupahost.com.

Coupa Supplier Portal

Coupa Supplier Portal

The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free tool for suppliers to easily do business with ERGO Group and other customers who use Coupa.

Main benefits:

  • Receive and review Purchase Orders
  • Send Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Create and manage Catalog Items
  • Manage your Company Profile
  • Work collaboratively on the platform
  • Suppliers must provide only one e-mail address for the creation of the CSP ac-count

More information is available on the Coupa website:


Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) FAQ

Sourcing Supplier FAQ

Download box

Conditions of Purchase
Instructions & Templates

We have prepared the following documents for you:

Register and recertify

ERGO Supplier Onboarding Example (PDF)

Start using CSP: Get registered and certified (PDF)

QRC CSP-Registration and Certification (PDF)


eInvoicing for Supplier of ERGO Group (PDF)

Manage Purchase Orders, Invoices and Credit Notes with CSP (PDF)

QRC Manage POs, Invoices and Credit Notes with CSP (PDF)

Creation of external catalogues

...by supplier (CSP) (PDF)

...by buyer (PDF)

Recording of external employees 

Record sheet

Information on the Creation and Maintenance of Service Workers (SSCWP) will be published here shortly.

Become a business partner

You would like to become a business partner of the ERGO Group? Here you will find all information about the process.

Information for existing suppliers

You are already a business partner of the ERGO Group? Here you will find important information for cooperation.