Compliance at ERGO

“Compliance” means abiding by any applicable laws or corporate rules and principles.

The Compliance Management System at ERGO pursues a number of aims:

  • To ensure the observance of statutory and internal regulations as well as those imposed by regulatory authorities which are relevant to our business
  • To avoid risks pertaining to liability, criminal punishment and to our Company’s reputation, its governing bodies (e.g. Management Boards, Supervisory Boards) and employees, and
  • To protect customers’ interests in accordance with our claim “To insure is to understand”.

ERGO’s Compliance Management System is controlled by the compliance unit (ERGO Compliance). The Chief Compliance Officer reports directly to the responsible member of the Board of Management of ERGO Group AG.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for all salaried employees, senior executives and members of the Boards of Management of ERGO Group AG and its German and international subsidiaries provides guidance for legally impeccable behaviour based on ethical principles.

Compliance Management System

The portfolio of responsibilities of ERGO Compliance include the systematic risk analysis and the continuous improvement of corporate compliance rules as well as the training and advising of colleagues and the identification of breaches.


Violations of statutory provisions or Code of Conduct rules and internal guidelines are not tolerated at ERGO, they are clarified and punished as appropriate.

Whistleblowing Portal

Indicate violations of laws or rules of the ERGO Code of Conduct.