CEO Statement

Dr. Markus Rieß, CEO of ERGO Group AG

Dr. Markus Rieß

Dear Readers,

Insurance is a long-term business. We insure people and companies for the future. For us, looking forward and acting sustainably is a matter of course. We are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which describe the key challenges of our time.

As a Group, we continue to resolutely pursue the climate goals of our “Ambition 2025” strategy programme. We will significantly reduce CO2 emissions in our own business operations, in our insurance business and our investments. We aim to gradually move towards net-zero emissions across all sectors by 2050 at the latest.

We also continue to meet the voluntary commitments we entered into together with our parent company, Munich Re. These include the UN Global Compact, the Principles for Responsible Investment, and the Principles for Sustainable Insurance. In our own business operations and in our commitment to sustainability, we rely on the forward-looking management of risks.

In the area of climate protection, together with Munich Re we promote international afforestation projects and support start-ups with innovative business ideas. At our locations, we get involved in social concerns as a helpful neighbour – providing funding, through volunteer work performed by our employees, or also by contributing our digital expertise.

For our employees, we create a work environment that promotes performance and increases motivation – for example with flexible working hours and numerous personal development opportunities. We appreciate diversity and promote women, with the clear aim of increasing their share of management positions to 40 percent by 2025.

With the reporting on our sustainability activities we want to show that we take our responsibility towards customers, employees, the environment and society seriously.

Best regards,

Markus Rieß

ERGO Sustainability Report 2022
ERGO Sustainability Reporting

We make our progress and measures for sustainability transparent. Our Sustainability Reports are based on the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).