DiverseCity: Diversity concerns us all

Responsibility & dedication, 28.11.2017

In keeping with the motto “diversity concerns us all” the Völklinger Kreis, the city of Düsseldorf and ERGO organised DiverseCity 2017 on 23 November.

In seminars, workshops and a podium discussion, the participants grappled with the question of how we can better create and experience diversity in our everyday lives as well as within a societal context. Beyond that, there were a lot of opportunities for exchange and networking.

The workshops, in which the participants dealt with a wide range of topics, were a central component: The workshops addressed, among other topics, unconscious prejudices within the professional sphere and working together with a diverse staff.

ERGO board member Harald Christ assumed the role of patron. The city was represented by Mayor Thomas Geisel and Joachim Stamp, minister for children, family, refugees and integration of the state of NRW.

Bianca Boudein, organiser and diversity manager at ERGO, was very pleased with the event: “The discussions and feedback from the participants demonstrated to me that a chord was hit in the minds and, at times, also in the hearts of those involved. In any case, many discussions were initiated, and certainly not just in the course of the conference. And so we achieved a great objective: Talking to and not about one another.“

You can find out more info about DiverseCity on the website of the Völklinger Kreis.

Even the Rheinische Post reported on the event: Diversity and Difference Are Good for Business.

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