Entwicklung fördern

Nachhaltige Personalpolitik

ERGO sichert durch Personalentwicklungsmaßnahmen qualitativ hochwertige Potenzialentwicklung über alle Hierarchieebenen hinweg. Sowohl in der Erstausbildung als auch in der Weiterbildung, beim Aufbau von Führungskräften und in der Nachfolgeentwicklung setzt ERGO damit auf die gezielte Förderung und Entwicklung der Mitarbeiter.

Förderung & Entwicklung

Perspectives in training

ERGO has a comprehensive career training programme directed towards continually updating the knowledge and skills base of our employees and sales partners across all hierarchical levels. Online packages, such as our e-Campus, are playing an increasingly important role. This particular initiative is a learning platform used in Germany with a wide range of e-learning modules. We also offer comprehensive training sessions focused on service and consultancy expertise for our self-employed sales partners.

Key figures on initial and advanced training of in-house and field staff are available in our Reporting and figures section.

Identifying and promoting talented people

We strive to develop our future managerial staff with targeted talent management instruments. The Talent Identification Process serves to identify potential talents at an early stage and consistently promote their development. We are particularly committed to foster the development of women. The ERGO Mentoring Programme allows our female trainee managers to be mentored by experienced colleagues – across companies and industries. At the same time, we look to recruit and develop international talents. As part of these efforts, the participants in Munich Re’s international trainee programme EXPLORE also spent one training period at ERGO as the Group’s primary insurer.