ERGO Stiftung „Jugend & Zukunft“

Anschub durch Job-Lokomotive

Die Stiftung mit Sitz in Hamburg begleitet mit ihrem Projekt „Job-Lokomotive“ sozial benachteiligte Jugendliche auf ihrem Weg ins Berufsleben. Mit ihrem niedrigschwelligen Beratungsangebot unterstützt sie Jugendliche bei der Identifikation ihrer Potenziale und der Entwicklung von Zukunftsperspektiven, um erfolgreich in den Beruf zu starten können.

ERGO Stiftung „Jugend & Zukunft“

Vocational counseling

Together, the foundation employees and the young adults explore individual strengths, interests and abilities, and discuss possible occupational fields. The employees help find vocational training positions, advanced courses or job opportunities. The young people can also rely on their support in drafting application documents and preparing for job interviews or recruitment tests.

The foundation offers its vocational counseling in cooperation with several youth centres at their respective locations. Open consultation hours ensure easy access; in addition, the youths can arrange individual appointments outside these hours. The consultation process is backed up by a specifically designed online platform. Here, the young people can manage their application documents on their own and contact the foundation staff. 

The counseling is voluntary, free of charge and without time restriction.


Additional offers

Multi-day workshops addressing students of 9th or 10th grade support them in their vocational orientation and in reflecting their personal ideas of future jobs. Company visits and the event series “Job of the month” introducing job profiles provide them with vivid and realistic insights in the working world.

ERGO Design
With a new design, ERGO becomes younger, fresher, more modern

Strong presence under the ERGO umbrella brand. This is also reflected in the new look & feel of the company. ERGO appears uniformly, up-to-date and with a high recognition value across all channels and media.


ERGO Stiftung „Jugend & Zukunft“
Überseering 45
22297 Hamburg
Tel +49 40 6376-4703

Diana Hoffmann-Ratzmer

Diana Hoffmann-Ratzmer

Vocational counseling at Haus der Jugend Wilhelmsburg and Haus der Jugend Kirchdorf

Tel +49 40 6376-3347

Office hours:
Monday to Thursday 9-15 hours

Melanie Sarnow

Melanie Sarnow

Vocational counseling at youth centre MOTTE

Tel +49 40 6376-3363

Office hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-15 hours