“Tech Trend Radar 2022”: How will technology impact insurance?

Experts from Munich Re and ERGO have joined forces to produce a fresh issue of the “Tech Trend Radar”. By analyzing developments around the world, aggregating and defining them into trends – and, finally, by assessing each trend’s respective impact and relevance, the experts at Munich Re and ERGO have compiled 44 significant trends spread over the following 5 trend fields:

  • Wellbeing
  • Hyperconnectivity
  • Data & AI
  • Cyber and Crypto
  • Emerging Industries

To make these 44 trends more catchy, clearer and easier to research, they are presented as an “interactive radar” that may be filtered by line of business to quickly find what is most relevant for you. Each trend comes with a short description, describes typical use cases and mentiones both opportunities and risks. Most importantly, the report provides an assessment of that trend’s maturity:  Hold, Assess, Trial and Adopt.

If companies spot and understand technological trends early on, they can adapt proactively, prove their worth – and build trust. That is why since 2015, experts from Munich Re and ERGO have been joining forces to produce a fresh issue of their “Tech Trend Radar” each year. Like its seven predecessors, the 2022 edition of that renowned study again collects and assesses the latest and most relevant technologies, helping insurances and enterprises from other sectors to prepare their business accordingly. On //next, we take a closer look on the new edition.

Are you curious about all the trends and solutions? You can request the complete Tech Trend Radar from Munich Re.