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Sport & Sponsoring, 10.05.2024

52 ERGO runners were among those at the starting line of the S25 run in Berlin. The event was organised by ERGO sports. The company sports organisation pursues the goal of creating community within the company with extensive regional sports offerings and cross-location events – and with success.

ERGO sports Team in Berlin

“The special thing about ERGO sports is that the offers are made by ERGO colleagues for colleagues,” says Tanja Siemer from the occupational health and safety department, who is responsible for company sports at ERGO together with Insa Knust. “As a company, we have not bought in an external service provider, but have designed a comprehensive company sports programme ourselves – with the aim of creating a sense of community within the company.” The sports programme is supplemented by the ERGO sports events, such as the S25 run last Sunday in Berlin.

A total of 52 ERGO runners lined up at the starting line. Lena Lindemann, herself an enthusiastic sportswoman and, as Labour Director, also responsible for company sport, says: “I think it's great to see the sense of togetherness that arises at such sporting events. What the colleagues from ERGO sports organise is always great and very valuable for our company!” The participants get to know each other during a tour of the city and the pasta party on the evening before the event at the ERGO Casino Berlin.

“It's great to see the sense of togetherness that arises at such sporting events. What the colleagues from ERGO sports organise is always great and very valuable for our company!”

Lena Lindemann, Labour Director ERGO Group

Two focal points: Regional sports programmes and cross-location events

ERGO sports has existed as a cross-location organisation since 2008, but some of the individual locations have been offering company sports for much longer – in Hamburg, for example, since 1949.

ERGO sports has two main focuses: The company sports programmes run by clubs and cross-site events. At each of the seven major ERGO locations, there are volunteer contact persons who take care of the organisation of the offers. “There are currently 14 coordinators, we offer around 40 different types of sport and currently have around 3,600 members. You won't find such a wide range of activities for such a low fee anywhere else – no fitness centre can compete,” says Insa Knust. The monthly membership fee is two euros, with manageable additional fees for individual more cost-intensive programmes.

The events that bring colleagues together across locations include yoga weekends, the Sail Challenge in Glücksburg, ski trips and the ERGO sports Games, which were held in their new form for the first time in 2023 and will take place in Hamburg this year from 27 to 29 September. “In the past, the event focussed on football and beach volleyball. We now offer a much wider range of sports with the aim of involving as many employees as possible.” There are competitions in table tennis, badminton, site ball, bowling, swimming, a skills course and a relay – there is something for everyone. A 15-strong team can be entered per location. “The ERGO sports Games are not about high-performance sport, but first and foremost about fun and community,” says Insa Knust.

A benefit for the corporate culture

Sport allows employees to interact with each other regardless of hierarchical structures and to get to know the people behind their colleagues. This is important for identification with the company and a benefit for the corporate culture. Of course, there are also aspects such as promoting health, developing team spirit and dealing with success and failure. “This is particularly important for young people like our trainees,” says Tanja Siemer. “They also get to know other colleagues through company sports and expand their network.”

Text: Kristina Tewes-Goergens

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