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Pioneer Days 2024

Change & Culture, 11.06.2024

70 top talents – or Pioneers – from all over the world will meet around 30 executives and board members of the ERGO Group in Düsseldorf at the beginning of July. The aim: to discuss forward-looking ideas from the insurance industry that will have a significant impact on the way insurance companies work and are managed in the future. The event is inspired by the European Football Championship taking place at the same time. The motto of this year's ERGO Pioneer Days is therefore: “Play to win!”

Probe in space 

Around 70 top talents from all over the world have been invited to join ERGO's management for a dialogue on the future in Düsseldorf from 1 to 3 July. The participants bring with them a variety of perspectives – innovative ideas, projects and methods from the national and international insurance environment will be discussed at the Pioneer Days and their relevance for other ERGO markets will be examined.  Specific future topics will be addressed in workshops.

For example, Anuj Tyagi, Deputy CEO HDFC ERGO India, will present the first insurance ecosystem in India. In a workshop, ERGO CDO Mark Klein will explain how participants can learn to use the newly developed ERGO GPT. Jürgen Schmitz, CEO ERGO China, will outline the macro environment and trends in China and how these will shape ERGO’s approach and strategy. Lena Lindemann is also the patron of the Future Skills workshop – what personal skills will each and every one of us need in the future? Artur Borowinski, CEO ERGO Hestia Poland, will also present a dynamic pricing approach that uses artificial intelligence to provide tailored insurance solutions.

Courage and passion for new ideas

The ERGO Pioneer Days 2024 will take place at the same time as the European Football Championship in Germany, which ERGO is sponsoring. “We are inspired by the atmosphere and team spirit of football,” says ERGO HR Director Lena Lindemann. “We are convinced that new, forward-looking ideas can only be realised with courage and passion.”

However, the Pioneer Days 2024 are intended to be more than just a one-off inspirational event. For this reason, groups of talented individuals will be formed and supported by a mentor after the event. “We want to create a platform where our international talents can come together on an ongoing basis, develop ideas and grow together – even beyond the three days in Düsseldorf,” says Lena Lindemann. 

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