“Technology cannot be learnt through Power Point”

ERGO CDO Mark Klein on podcast “Pioniere des Wandels”

Digitalisation & Technology, 14.12.2023

ERGO CDO Mark Klein was a guest on the German podcast “Pioniere des Wandels” (Pioneers of Change). The podcast, which deals with transformation and change topics, is hosted by Katja Nettesheim, who has been working in the field of digital transformation for 20 years.

ERGO CDO Mark Klein

In this interview, Mark Klein explains what transformation means for ERGO: from the transformation of the business model to cultural transformation and technological transformation.

He talks specifically about bots that free up time for quality work, about insurance consulting in the metaverse, about ERGO's learning curve in the development of voice assistants and about successful innovation management in the company. He is convinced: “When using new technologies, there is always an element of personal development involved. And this is only possible if you actually try out the new things and allow employees to participate.” Because: “Technology cannot be learnt through Power Point. You have to implement and use technologies.”

The full interview is available here (in German): 


Text: Kristina Tewes

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