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OMR Podcast

Digitalisation & Technology, 13.01.2023

Young entrepreneurs and established companies discuss the challenges in their industries in a podcast by Project A and OMR – and what they can learn from each other. Recently, Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer of ERGO, and Christopher Oster, founder and CEO of the Frankfurt-based insurance manager Clark, talked about insurance. Together with the hosts Viola Theresa Stadler and Philipp Westermeyer, they discussed the latest trends, innovative (online) marketing and omni-channel strategies.

OMR Podcast  

No matter whether insurtech or an established company – insurance will probably never generate hype. Nobody likes to deal with potential risks. This is exactly why simple product design, smooth sales processes and good customer relationship management are particularly important.

In the OMR podcast, Mark Klein and Christopher Oster also reveal why there is no all-in-one insurance yet, why blockchain may be less useful than thought and why supplementary dental insurance in particular is an attractive online business.

The entire podcast is available here (in German): and on the common podcast platforms.

OMR Podcast #552

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