ERGO presents: Augmented reality app for museum visitors

Cooperation with Düsseldorf Kunstpalast

Digitalisation & Technology, 14.11.2023

A different kind of digitalisation: visitors to the Düsseldorf Kunstpalast can now experience augmented reality (AR) thanks to an app developed by ERGO.

Leporello Kandinsky Kunstpalast App

For young museum visitors in particular, digital offerings often represent an important gateway to the museum. More than 100 of the works on display at the Düsseldorf Kunstpalast can be experienced in the digitally enhanced tour of the collection. 20 works can also be discovered via AR in a separate tour. Augmented reality stands for "extended reality" and, in the context of the new Kunstpalast app, means that the real work of art is initially shown on the mobile phone display, but additional animations and image elements can be called up in digital form.

Extensive experience with digital worlds

With the help of ERGO as a digital partner, a German art museum is thus combining augmented reality and augmented reality in its app for the first time on a large scale and thus offers a unique museum experience. ERGO has already gained extensive experience with virtual worlds and has been supporting the state capital Düsseldorf with a wide range of digital initiatives on a project-related basis since 2019. ERGO has already realised an educational gaming website for children for the Kunstpalast.

Fancy some art and a coffee? 

Then come to the Palace Festival at the Kunstpalast on 25 November between 11 am and 6 pm.  As a digital partner and sponsor, ERGO is offering all visitors who have downloaded the Kunstpalast app a free coffee. We think it's a great opportunity to admire the latest works of art and treat yourself to a coffee at the same time. Admission to the exhibition is free on that day. You can find more information here:

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