VR versus Metaverse

ERGO CDO Mark Klein at Digital Insurance Podcast

Digitalisation & Technology, 28.08.2023

In the new episode of the Digital Insurance Podcast, host Jonas Piela talks to Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of ERGO Group AG, about VR, AR, Mixed Reality and the Metaverse. For the insurance industry, exciting use cases are already emerging from the new technologies. Mark Klein says it is about "creating experiences" and showing the benefits of insurance products. For example, to impressively show the consequences of natural catastrophes such as extreme rainfall.

Virtual Reality Glasses

Mark Klein sees further use cases in the trainings that are already taken place. Here, conversation situations in agencies can be trained and the quality of advice can be increased. ERGO has already organised hundreds of training sessions and sold licences. In addition, there are real-time conferences and meetings that can be held via Metaverse.

The complete podcast (in German)

More episodes of the Digital Insurance Podcast can be found here: https://pielaco.com/podcast/

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