ERGO asks young consumers for their ideas on Xeem

Customer journey of the future

Digitalisation & Technology, 22.04.2022

The Xeem platform brings companies and young people together in so-called "challenges". ERGO's Digital Factory is now launching another one - on the "digital customer journey of the future".

ERGO asks young consumers for their ideas on Xeem 

As ERGO changes, the company always encounters questions that it can use a fresh view from outside and creative approaches to solutions from third parties - especially from Generation Z, our future customers. On the other hand, these young people - Generation Z roughly comprises those born between 1997 and 2012 - are often interested in getting to know companies in terms of content and working on exciting issues in order to get a better impression of the professional world.

The cooperation between ERGO and Xeem brings both sides together: In so-called "challenges", companies can have small virtual teams from Generation Z work on questions. These are then presented - and the winning teams receive prize money. "What excites me about Xeem is the opportunity to get new perspectives and approaches to solving internal challenges from young, creative people without corporate glasses. I think it's a good example of how start-up cooperation can help companies move forward," comments Simon Meier from the ERGO Innovation Scouts, who "discovered" the start-up for ERGO, here on //next.

Digital Factory launches third ERGO Challenge on Xeem

After two successful "Challenges" on the questions

  • "How do we inspire young people on social media?" (expired) and
  • "How do we inspire and win trainees for our sales training?" (still current)

the employees of the Digital Factory will be launching the third ERGO "Challenge" on Xeem on Friday, 22 April. It will cover: 

Customer Journey of the Future

As //next has already outlined, ERGO's Digital Factory consistently develops digital services and innovative solutions from the customer's point of view. The team would therefore like to know from the young people,

  • how they imagine a perfect customer journey or experience,
  • what kind of digital service they would expect and also use for this, and
  • how ERGO could optimally design the possibility of changing or terminating a contract for them.

The search is on for up to ten teams of up to four people who brainstorm together online for up to two hours and then submit their ideas and suggestions. The first three places will receive prizes of 750, 500 and 250 euros. The Digital Factory has also included hints about a career at ERGO in the "Challenge". It runs for a total of eight weeks until mid-June.

Xeem goes TV

By the way: On Monday, 25 April, Xeem founders Janine Weirich und Géraldine Ulrichs will present themselves on the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (The Lion's Den), starting at 8.15 pm on VOX. "The timing of our new 'Challenge' is therefore no coincidence," Julia Koop and Dragana Albrecht from the Digital Factory tell us: "By putting it live quasi parallel to the TV show, we hope for an increase in reach on the landing page at Xeem."

"We are happy and proud that ERGO has believed in and supported our start-up and our vision since the beginning. Since then, a very special and friendly cooperation has developed between ERGO and Xeem," the founders say in retrospect. We at //next are keeping our fingers crossed for them on Monday!

Text: Ingo Schenk

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