Champions of Digital Transformation 2021

Survey by Infront Consulting and Capital

Digitalisation & Technology, 17.09.2021

For Germany's companies, digital transformation is primarily an organisational, cultural and personnel challenge. This is one of the many findings of the survey “Champions of Digital Transformation” by Infront Consulting and its media partner Capital. This year's winners include ERGO Group, which shares first place with Signal Iduna in the “Insurance” category.

Champions of Digital Transformation 2021 

The survey “Champions of Digital Transformation” examines the state of digital transformation in the German economy for the first time. The transformation programmes of 127 companies in eight sectors were analysed for the report. The focus was on big companies.

At the same time, the “Champions of Digital Transformation” were honoured - companies that have been particularly successful in seizing the opportunities of digitalisation. This year's award winners also include the ERGO Group, which shares first place with Signal Iduna in the “Insurance” category. “The award honours the daily work of our colleagues who seize the opportunities of digitalisation and thus continuously improve the service for our customers”, said Gregor Wiest, Head of Innovation & Digital Transformation at ERGO: “In the past five years, we have - in addition to the successful introduction and scaling of technologies such as robotics, AI or voice - above all learned to develop products and services close to the customer and to constantly use their feedback for further development. I look forward to the further digital journey together with our customers, our ERGO sales partners & specialist units - and numerous technology partners.”

For the survey, qualitative and quantitative analyses were combined through questionnaires and in-depth interviews with the responsible managers. A comprehensive model of digital transformation was used as the basis for the survey, covering thematic blocks such as organisation, culture, employees, infrastructure, data as well as innovation and customer experience, and taking into account differentiated digitalisation goals from automation to platforms.

Gregor Wiest and Mark Klein from ERGO are delighted to receive the "Champions of Digital Transformation" award.

Gregor Wiest and Mark Klein from ERGO are delighted to receive the "Champions of Digital Transformation" award.

The following insights were gained: 

Status of Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation has reached the top echelons of German business - the topic is often the direct responsibility of the board of directors.
  • Digital transformation is not a purely technological topic - rather, it is understood as an organisational, cultural and personnel challenge.
  • When it comes to transforming corporate culture and employee behaviour, even the best are still searching for the most effective ways of change.
  • Companies are pursuing different digitisation goals - automation, customer integration and digital services are most commonly used.
  • The focus of digital transformation programmes is shifting from disruptive innovations to core business innovations that enhance and differentiate the value of established core services to customers.

Success factors of digital transformation

  • The best companies adapt their transformation programmes more quickly and effectively to lessons learned.
  • The best companies also consider digital transformation as an agile transformation that is carried out within the core organisation.
  • The best are able to optimise their offerings based on data and offer customers a better digital customer experience in the process.
  • The best are more active in recruiting digital talent and invest specifically in the training of affinity employees.
  • The best involve their customers more effectively in the optimisation of digital products and services.
  • The best have a clear view of the differentiating digital value proposition of their own company and outsource other digital activities.

The entire study and an overview of all award winners is available at:

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