What KI is already doing at ERGO

KI Expert Series

Digitalisation & Technology, 23.11.2020

What opportunities does AI open up especially in the insurance industry? Rolf Mertens and three other ERGO colleagues recently discussed this on YouTube with other AI experts from the start-up scene as well as from KPMG, Henkel and Vodafone.

The lecture by Rolf Mertens starts at 6.45min (German only)

This live stream was organized by the Digital Innovation Hub Düsseldorf/Rhineland, which, together with partner companies such as KPMG, Henkel, Vodafone and ERGO, wants to "bring the regional AI community together" and "strengthen its attraction to talented developers and experts" - in other words, address a similar readership as //next. 

“Drawing conclusions about the future from the past has always been one of the core competencies of insurance companies, especially in pricing. At ERGO, we are now using KI in the many other parts of our value chain to increase our effectiveness and efficiency.”

Rolf Mertens, Head of Advanced Analytics at ERGO

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