nexible is online – we did it!

Digitalisation & innovation, 20.10.2017

The decisive click came this week, at 7 in the morning: nexible is online. A very exciting feeling for all of us who have been working hard on this project. It was an tremendously intensive and challenging time for everyone involved. The entire nexible team gave their all in launching the motor vehicle product by nexible for the “season changeover”. I had the opportunity to closely experience and help shape it all from day one.

I’m impressed with the result of this commitment: a fully digital insurance policy, designed entirely for the needs of the digital customer. That means: a simple product at an attractive price, one which the customer can choose with confidence. Because they can complete and manage their insurance cover entirely online and because they can adjust or cancel their insurance cover on a month-by-month basis. And: Because the customer – with the exception of so-called complex or personal damages – receives an adjustment quote generally within two hours after placing their digital damage claim.

I was indeed impressed by the way in which we developed this service: We spoke about our cus-tomers in great detail – and more importantly: with them! We kept coming back to these questions: What type of insurance do they want? What is needed in order to conveniently complete a motor vehicle insurance policy in a way that's entirely digital via smartphone? How can we win these customers over?

Important feedback

An example of the intensive work with users and their feedback is the beta test to which 6,000 ERGO colleagues were invited. We learned an incredibly great deal thanks to hundreds of responses – in some instances, our colleagues shared entire pages of comments. This feedback was incredibly invaluable to us: It helped us to keep further improving our product. The results from the beta test led, for example, to us scrapping the original approach – the very detailed customisable insurance policy – and instead focussing on developing an extremely simple product. We have our ERGO colleagues to thank for this insight.

With nexible, we at ERGO demonstrate our ability to implement ideas boldly and swiftly. It's bold, for example, to build our own team and brand, to develop an entirely digital service and to place our faith in John-Paul Pieper, a manager who established his digital expertise outside of the insurance sector. And we did it swiftly: Scarcely a year passed since the recruitment of our first employee to the launch; the development process alone took six months. A very short timeframe to get a completely new, entirely digital insurance platform up and running! And we want to continue on this path boldly and expediently: We're already thinking about further products and markets.

The feedback from our customers remains the focus of everything we do. I, along with all my nexible colleagues, am also very excited to see how our customers will receive the offer. We look for-ward to gaining experiences with our customers. The learning has only just begun.

I look very much forward to your comments, questions or suggestions.
Best regards, Mark Klein

Author: Mark Klein

Mark Klein is Chief Digital Officer ERGO Group and Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Digital Ventures AG. Here you find Mark Klein on LinkedIn.

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