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ET&SM delivers state-of-the-art IT technology

ERGO Technology & Services Management (ET&SM) is an integrated global technology holding that manages the delivery of technology assets across the ERGO Group. With comprehensive technology expertise ET&SM is helping to shape insurance products that meet the customers’ needs.

Projects & Services

ITERGO Informationstechnologie

Since January 2021 ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH is incorporated in the ET&SM tech-hub structure. The company develops and implements IT solutions that can be used globally, and designs and maintains a modern infrastructure, thus ensuring that ERGO is constantly working with the latest information technology. ITERGO is located in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

ERGO Technology & Services Poland

ERGO Technology & Services S.A. (ET&S) based in Poland was established in January 2021 following the merger of ERGO Digital IT and Atena, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of both organizations within one entity. ET&S combines the knowledge and skills of IT specialists coming from different backgrounds to create a full-service technology company based on a global Target Operating Model. The company is located in Warsaw, Sopot, Gdańsk, Olsztyn and Berlin.

ET&S India
ERGO Technology & Services India

ERGO Technology & Services Pvt. Ltd. (ET&S), based in India, was established in Mumbai, India's financial capital, at the beginning of 2022. Together with the two other technology hubs in Germany and Poland, the company aims to build capabilities that drive the ERGO Group’s digital growth. With its start-up mindset, ET&S in India is highly focused on an inclusive work culture that promotes learning and performance.


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ERGO Technology & Services Management team will gladly help you with your questions – here you can find the contact details of ET&SM and the locations in Germany, Poland and India.