AI language models: Hype with substance

Large language models (LLMs)

Digitalisation & Technology, 08.01.2024

Hype or real added value? Nicolas Konnerth, Head of Conversational AI at ERGO, and his colleague, Innovation Manager Jens Sievert, spoke to edition Magazine about the potential of AI language models for insurance companies. They also provide an insight into where ERGO is already using LLMs.


Reduced costs through increased efficiency, improved customer experience, freedom from tedious routine activities: The promises made by AI applications are huge. The topic is therefore also of great interest in the insurance industry.

At ERGO, we are convinced that AI models are hype with substance. For this reason, a dedicated project team has been set up to deal with the topics of ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs).

You can read about the groups of people who particularly benefit from AI applications, where ERGO is already using AI language models and where the experts currently see the greatest need for action in the edition magazine. The issue can be downloaded free of charge here (in German):

edition Magazin

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