ChatGPT in the insurance industry

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Digitalisation & Technology, 17.03.2023

In today's digital world, Super AI and chatbots are gaining more and more importance. “ChatGPT has huge opportunities and potential, but it is not the huge danger that is sometimes conjured up. Currently, it is comparable to a trainee, who can assist you well, however, you will still have to check and adjust the work,” says Jens Sievert, Innovation Manager at ERGO Digital Lab.

Nevertheless, the performance of AI is impressive. We can imagine a future where Super AI and ChatGPT are an integral part of our daily lives. They can support us in many areas. In this video, our experts Jennifer Betz, Jens Sievert and Nicolas Konnerth explain the impact of ChatGPT on the insurance industry and possible use cases for insurance companies.

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