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Assessment centres are now online at ERGO

Magazine, 08.04.2020

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, people interested in a trainee position at ERGO can still apply. The selection procedure for new trainees continues to run as normal, thanks to an online assessment centre that was quickly created by ERGO Initial Training.


Online Assesmentcenter


For applications that are received via the ERGO online platform, applicants previously had to pass a written test before being invited to an assessment centre on site. The test no longer takes place. Since the end of March, potential new trainees have been invited directly to the newly created online assessment centre. “Even in these exceptional circumstances, we wanted to give candidates the opportunity to get to know us – and also the other way round, of course”, explains Manuela Wilk, Head of Sales Training at ERGO. “This enables us to continue to fill the planned training places”. Thomas Lewicki, Head of Initial Training Internal, adds, “We are very pleased to be able to run our selection procedure for candidates, even in the exceptional coronavirus situation”.


ERGO Training reacted quickly


Around 30 regional selection days had already been planned at ERGO since mid-March, but couldn’t take place on site. “We changed our procedure very quickly to make sure potential candidates could still reach us”, explains Miriam Müller from ERGO Initial Training in Düsseldorf. The process is similar as for the previous assessment centres.

“We perform a technical check before we start, of course”, Miriam continues. “We then agree a date and time with the participants.” Two to three ERGO training colleagues take part in the digital assessment centre, for which we use Skype. One or more candidates must then complete various exercises, including a self-presentation. The ERGO HR staff and trainers from the regional offices and agencies watch and assess the candidates’ presentations and consider their solutions. In addition, detailed interviews are conducted with every candidate via Skype or telephone.


A success – even with no personal contact


The digital procedure cannot offer the direct personal contact that is provided by the on-site assessment centres, which is certainly different”, concedes Miriam Müller. “Nevertheless, the online discussions with the participants give us a lot to go on.” Candidates can be better assessed if video is used. Experience to date has been good overall. “We have had a few candidates who have come across really well in the online assessment centre”, says Miriam, adding that the process of getting to know and finding out more about candidates worked surprisingly well. HR staff and trainers have been able to concentrate more on the individuals and the content.

Head of Sales Training, Manuela Wilk, also considers the new procedure a success: “All participants contribute, and it is very positively received by the candidates.” In the next few days, the digital training fair would be opened in such a way that candidates can also be piloted there on the selection day. “They will then have the opportunity to learn more about ERGO and our training through a range of videos” added Manuela.

More good news: According to Focus Money, ERGO is one of Germany’s best firms for training and was awarded a seal of approval. The magazine examines 20,000 companies every year, evaluates online sources and sends questionnaires to the companies.


“We regularly hear from our trainees that ERGO looks after them well and comprehensively”, comments Miriam Müller. They greatly appreciate the specialist training at all locations. “Our trainees feel that they receive first-class training at ERGO”, concludes Miriam. “The community spirit and working atmosphere are excellent.”


Apply to ERGO now!


If you are curious to know more and would like to apply: ERGO is looking in particular for trainees who are interested in a career as an insurance and finance professional in-house and in sales, and in Düsseldorf in the area of business informatics. All the information you need can be found here: Karriere bei ERGO

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