ERGO Mobility Solutions picks integrated SAP IT platform solution

Principles from the automotive industry adopted in the insurance industry

Media Information, 28.05.2019

ERGO Mobility Solutions, the strategic insurance partner of the automotive and mobility industry, is introducing a new IT platform for the automotive insurance business. New mobility formats such as car sharing, car-as-a-service or insurance-on-demand call for networked and digital platform approaches in the automobile insurance segment. In many cases, it is not enough simply to modernise existing IT infrastructures (legacy systems). Taking SAP S/4 Insurance as a technical basis, ERGO Mobility Solutions has created the conditions needed to take the automotive insurance business to a new level in collaboration with the automotive industry, its financial services units and trade organisations as well as providers of new mobility solutions.

Karsten Crede
Karsten Crede, Chairman of the Board of ERGO Mobility Solutions

Fast and seamless integration into the system and process landscapes of ERGO Mobility Solutions’ partners is ensured thanks to a solution based on modern SAP IT architecture and interface technology. The new system ensures consistent simplification of all core processes relevant to the end customer, ranging from insurance application to contract processing and claims management. Smoothly interlocking process steps along the customer contact points – a decisive factor for customers – make the entire process easier and more convenient.

With its modular encapsulated structure, a high degree of parameterization and a powerful product engine with pre-defined generic models and sets of rules, the SAP S/4 Insurance Suite provides a high degree of independence from standard release cycles. Thanks to this approach, customer requirements – including manufacturer campaigns ¬– can be implemented swiftly and across modules. Technological aspects such as new driver assistance systems can also be smoothly integrated in the insurance offers and thus help to keep insurance costs down (Total Cost of Mobility). Overall, ERGO Mobility Solutions’ partners benefit from considerable efficiency gains.

“Together with our partner SAP, we are pleased to introduce not only a powerful IT platform, but also one that is fully tailored to the specific needs of our customers”, said Karsten Crede, Chairman of the Board of ERGO Mobility Solutions. “We are displaying the high quality standards we apply to our products and technology, and are supporting a consistent brand experience for our customers from a single source.”

“The partnership with ERGO Mobility Solutions is a groundbreaking cooperation for SAP and demonstrates how important the interface between business and IT is for the implementation of new business ideas”, said Dirk Kruse, Head of Financial Services and member of the Board of Management of SAP Germany. “ERGO Mobility Solutions is launching a highly appealing concept that is future-proof thanks to SAP S/4 Insurance Technology.”

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